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A Healing Touch
My bodywork is unique in that I combine several different Traditional Chinese Medicine & Japanese techniques to provide you with an overall state of physical, mental and emotional well-being. I can focus on a specific problem area or simply give a relaxing full bodywork session. Each session treats the individual needs of the person. 
Just for today:
 Release all anger.
 Release all worry and fear.
 Be grateful for all life’s blessings.
 Devote yourself to your work.
 Be kind to yourself and to all living creatures.
Modalities Offered
Chinese Anma Massage 
(draped with oils)

Shiatsu Acupressure Session
(loose-fitting clothing)

Tui na  (Sports & Medical)

Oriental Hot Stone Massage

Japanese Facelift & Toning Facial
Oriental Reflexology
Chinese Cleansing of Emotions
Sit-up Session
(for upper or full body)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Pre-Natal Massage

Usui Reiki Healing
 Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Healing
Distant Healing Session
Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

Health & Wellness Life Coach
Hours by Appointment Only
Mon, Tues, Wed,
Thurs, Fri, Sat,
No Sundays or Holidays
Call to Schedule your Time
Women Only

Prices for Bodywork
$50.00 for an Hour
$30 for 1/2 an Hour
$75.00 for an Hour and 1/2
$70 for Hot Stone Massage

 Pricing for Holistic Health & Wellness Life Coaching and Reiki Attunement Classes located on separate pages

Gift Certificates Available
 Will Travel to You
$80 for an Hour Session
$110 for an Hour & Half

Cash & Credit Cards
No Checks Accepted
 Carol A. Brandt,B.W.T., B.T.P, LMT, RM
Location:  Southgate, Michigan
To Schedule your Appointment
Call  (734) 755-6674
Same Day Appointments Subject To Availability

On-Line Health & Wellness Life Coach
Utilizing my holistic path and knowledge, leading you
into a more natural way to live a positive healthy life.

Reiki Energy Distant Healing & Reiki Attunement Classes

Give Yourself "The Gift of Health"