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Benefits of Bodywork 
Bodywork is not just for people who can't handle their pain from overwork, injury, or an overload of toxins; or for people who feel the need to be pampered; or just for relaxation, it is actually therapeutic and a preventative procedure for overall health and well-being. In order to have health in the body, you need good circulation. Massage can improve the state of mind, keep your body in a healthy state, and also fulfill a universal need for touch. Bodywork can change your life for the better, slowing down the aging process and creating a younger you, as it balances the body, mind, & spirit. 

Calms the Nervous System
Relieves Physical & Mental Stress (Tension & Anxiety)
Relieves Headaches
Reduces Muscle Tension & Low-Back Problems
Increases Flexibility & Improves Joint Range of Motion
Improves Posture
Improves Circulation of Blood & Lymph
Increases the Flow of Nutrients to the Cells & Tissues
Stimulates the Release of Endorphins
(which is the bloods natural painkiller)
Aids in the Removal of Toxins from the Body
Strengthens the Immune System
Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Maintains Anti-Aging and Beauty
Improves Weight Loss
Improves Sleep & Enhances Overall Well-Being